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Ohgodohgod feeding video pretty please?

Feeding video for which? I’ve got two leopard geckos, two cresteds, a gargoyle, and a mantis- and the ones I’m pretty sure you’re not referring to are the two pups, bird, or fish haha.

Check my Instagram though! They all have their own hashtags and I’m sure there’s a feeding video hidden somewhere: #SlateTheGarg, #SierraTheMantis, #TitanTheCrestie, #TazTheCrestie, #MishkaTheLeo, and #MokoTheLeo. Oh and me: #KearaTheHuman. But I won’t have a feeding video of me. ;)




100% not amused by her mite treatment tonight. But she is showing you a great example of how to tell she is NOT a red blood python. See the tiny scales under her eyes? Red bloods don’t have these. And now you know….

Actually that isn’t a straight shot way of telling whether a snake is a blood or not. Apparently it really depends on the genetics of the individual but there actually are bloods with scalation there.

Agreed! Exceptions do occur in the wild and have been documented.  Specifically with Borneo short tail pythons (Python breitensteini) there have been wild caught specimens lacking sub ocular scales.  I don’t have a laptop but Tim Mead told me where to find the paper and I will share it as soon as I am able.  It’s on the Italian short tail group files for anyone who wants to track it down.But it’s a great way to help you identify animals at a reptile show marked as simply as ‘bloods’.  Checking for the suboculars is going to give you a much better idea of the species actually being sold.  Along with coloration and patterning.But yep,  exceptions do occur to a lot of rules.I’m planning on making a big hybrid post at some point with some examples where scales matched up but there were other tell-tell signs!

" I loved you before I ever touched you. "

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Crocodile = wolf in sheep’s clothing

"Dinets first observed the behavior in 2007 when he spotted crocodiles lying in shallow water along the edge of a pond in India with small sticks or twigs positioned across their snouts. The behavior potentially fooled nest-building birds wading in the water for sticks into thinking the sticks were floating on the water. The crocodiles remained still for hours and if a bird neared the stick, they would lunge"


thats a sexy post 

you win

Mysia is on a mission to ID four mystery frogs and I’m here for moral support (((:

Blueberry Lemon Cake

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