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I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t know this but I went to SeaWorld for three days and came back yesterday at night.. Before it starts, I understand many people have different views on cetaceans in captivity, and I don’t really know mine. It’s the first time since I was roughly.. 9? That I’ve gone there and I still can’t really decide my views on places like SeaWorld. It depends on if that permit they applied for goes through. My parents actually paid for me to do a beluga interaction program, which surprised me! After taking a tour of the back room (where the beluga’s medical room is, along with some seals) we went out and did some training with the belugas.. In front of everybody. I got Klondike and Maple, but after Klondike tried to take my boots from my wet suit off, Maple stuck around for the rest of the interaction. We did a lot of behaviors, and it was amazing learning how they teach the whales.. Along with how they’d live in the wild. It was a wonderful experience, even though the water was freezing.. I’ll be posting pictures on my other blog, which I’ll link once they’re up.

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