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Hi you guys! As most of you know, I volunteer at a sanctuary called South Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. What you may not know is that it is run by a single man named Dirk- a man that receives no funds from the government and relies solely on private donations to keep running.

Dirk recently ended up in the hospital for serious medical conditions, and is still recovering. These past few months have been tough. Since he can’t afford staff, he had to rely purely on volunteers to keep the sanctuary going. The cost to maintain a sanctuary is say the least. It could cost upwards to $5000 in a month just to keep the cats healthy and comfortable. If anyone is in the South Florida region, the sanctuary is always open to volunteer. Send me an ask for more information.

Speaking of the cats, some of them have amazing stories. I’ve provided all their names in the captions of the photo- Our cats at the sanctuary include: (Previously) Spudnik- a cougar rescued from the cruelty of dog fighting, he would get three pitbulls on him at any given time. Spotty- an animal who snarls at any given moment due to his past.. Found as a cub, he was poked and prodded like a circus animal to provoke him. He still hasn’t overcome his trust issues, but he’s made great strides since arriving at the sanctuary. JoJo- a Serval x Caracal hybrid, possibly the only one in the world. He was bred by irresponsible owners and needed well over $6000 in medical procedures to correct his digestive tract.

What I’m trying to get across is that SFWRC is a sanctuary that is purely concerned about the welfare of the cats- we do not breed, trade, or sell animals. We take them in and vow to keep them for their entire lives, no matter what the cost.. But it’s the cost that has caused some serious restraints. If we do not get donations, there is a very real possibility that SFWRC could close. Without sanctuaries like this, exotic pets would be euthanized rather than live out their lives as best as possible- all because of irresponsible owners.

Dirk’s birthday just passed a few days ago. He is still recovering, but he makes sure his animals come first. Our ultimate goal is to relocate to Northern Florida in order to give the animals larger living space, but we can only do so with your help. If you cannot afford to donate (even a dollar makes a HUGE difference), please at least reblog it to spread the word. Tumblr is capable of amazing things- signal boosting this post could help tremendously. Thank you guys so much.

These are my personal photos, do not use without permission.

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