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There are different stages to the shark fin trade, weather you are the one eating shark fin soup, making it, or you’re the fisherman being seduced by the money of a buyer to kill sharks, action by anyone within these levels against the trade can and will help stop this barbaric delicacy.   
About 73 million sharks are slaughtered yearly to satisfy the growing demand for shark fin soup in Asia — disrupting the fragile balance of marine ecosystems. We need shark in our ocean and not on our plates.  When the buying stops, the killing can, too.

Overfishing is deadly

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I can't remember but are you the one that encouraged shark conservation? And is that ideal extended to Bull sharks?


All sharks. Bull sharks may be the most notorious for human deaths, but they have by no means earned the massacre that we are repaying them with. The current shark cull in Australia is probably the single most pointless massacre of animals of which I know. Truly horrendous.

Shark attacks are phenomenally rare. If we are culling sharks as a reaction to the few deaths they have cause, we should, by the same logic, be culling hippos, water buffalo, crocodiles, refrigerators, and microwaves. All of these cause more deaths per year than sharks.

The ocean is the shark’s domain. They are top predators and deserve respect and space. The fault lies entirely with the humans, and not at all with the sharks. They are just doing what they have been doing for hundreds of millions of years. We are intruders, and they have every right to do what they do best in their own home - we are, after all, a pretty tasty and defenceless species.

Sharks are extremely important. They are top-down regulators of oceanic ecosystems. It is idiotically short sighted to kill off animals that are such key parts of the food web for the sake of a few swimmers. Once they are gone, there is no going back. The global shark massacre needs to stop before it is too late.

I think mothbug (aka sharks-bitch) may wish to weigh in here. She is, after all, much more familiar with the extent of the situation than myself. I can only deal with so much heartbreak at a time, and I am barely coping with the chytrid situation.

All sharks are in need of conservation, regardless of the bad stigma they’ve received. The reality is these populations are dwindling at rates that prove to be very dangerous to the ocean as a whole. Sharks are not aggressive, they are predators. Even then… They do not actively seek out humans for consumption. Instead, it’s the other way around. We seek them out to eat, we kill them for no reasons other than they’re a threat, and we give THEM the bad reputation. These animals are essential to the health of our oceans and the planet as a whole. Open your eyes and realize they need saving before it’s too late.




There are few things in the world of ecology quite as depressing as realising that the money we dump into protecting and conserving charismatic megafauna could probably fund actual effective grassroots protection of less intriguing but…



Colville Tribes Receive Grant for Innovative Wolf-Monitoring Program
Wolves on the Colville Reservation in northwestern Washington are getting a closer look thanks to a copy87,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.The reservation has a land base of 3.1 million acres. Limited funding and personnel makes keeping track of wolves and wolf packs difficult, so this grant will aid tremendously. A lot of the focus will be monitoring the location of wolves.



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The most depressing part about what we do to sharks is that they have been here for about 420 million years (200 times longer than the Homo genus, and 2,100 times longer than H. sapiens sapiens), and we have nearly eradicated 141 of the 465 species IUCN recognises (209 of which are considered ‘data deficient’) in the last 50 years.

Let that sink in.