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Colville Tribes Receive Grant for Innovative Wolf-Monitoring Program
Wolves on the Colville Reservation in northwestern Washington are getting a closer look thanks to a copy87,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.The reservation has a land base of 3.1 million acres. Limited funding and personnel makes keeping track of wolves and wolf packs difficult, so this grant will aid tremendously. A lot of the focus will be monitoring the location of wolves.



Help Us Help Endangered Florida Panthers
There are only 160 Florida panthers left in the wild. One hundred and sixty! These incredible cats are teetering on the brink of extinction. We’re so close to reaching our $20,000 goal to help protect the critical lands and waters threatened and endangered wildlife like the Florida panther depend on. Every last one of these panthers is precious and every gift counts – make your gift by MIDNIGHT tonight. 
The Nature Conservancy


The most depressing part about what we do to sharks is that they have been here for about 420 million years (200 times longer than the Homo genus, and 2,100 times longer than H. sapiens sapiens), and we have nearly eradicated 141 of the 465 species IUCN recognises (209 of which are considered ‘data deficient’) in the last 50 years.

Let that sink in.

" Killing sharks to prevent shark attacks is like killing drivers to prevent car accidents. "

- Unknown

Thank you Discovery Channel for wrongly educating the public to believe megalodon exists when there’s no conclusive evidence.

How can you tell them that and NOT tell them how badly sharks need to be conserved? Or that if we continue fishing them at this rate- they could be EXTINCT within the next 75 years. Do you not understand what a crucial role you as a station could play in saving the species that has made you millions? Does it not bother you that you continue to ruin their reputation and cause an unnecessary fear in society that shark conservations strive so hard to end?

It bothers me that they don’t care. They’re just greedy… Exploiting a species in a way that could lead to their demise… Which is the last thing an ‘educational’ channel should do.

NatGeo Wild’s World Deadliest Animals said we kill 36 million sharks a year.. What a gross understatement.


Are these animals too ‘ugly’ to be saved?
by Victoria Gill
People are used to being asked to help save photogenic pandas, but are there animals whose strange appearance hinders conservation?
Creatures that achieve world fame for being under threat - the panda, the mountain gorilla, the tiger - tend to be conventionally aesthetically pleasing, even cute.
But the scientists who study the planet’s rarest beasts say that many of the most precious and threatened creatures have physical characteristics that, although perhaps not adorable in the most orthodox sense, make them truly unique.
A project run by the Zoological Society for London (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) is trying to raise awareness of these less appreciated creatures.
“I love all the species on the Edge list,” says Carly Waterman, director of Edge.
“But I think some do need a little extra help to get them a place in hearts of the general public.”
Here are a few of the less doe-eyed and fluffy and more spiky, scaly, big-nosed and slimy animals that might be conservation icons…
(read more: BBC Nature)