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When we hear cognition, most people imagine animals like primates or cetaceans. What we don’t imagine is crows, but they’re very well up there. Many experiments have proven this. For instance, tools were once thought to be purely a human technique.. But once elephants were discovered using the same tactics, it was stated to be mammals only. As always, other various animals disproved this theory, the crow being one of them. They’ve broken bird records, using tools for more than just one purpose. Whether it was to poke a rubber spider with a stick, using the same stick to pry grubs from trees, and many other instances of sequential tool use, this is just where it starts for crows. Their memory happens to be brilliant for a bird, being able to remember distinct human faces for up to four years. Yeah, for all you kids that threw rocks at birds, I’m sure you’re regretting that now.. Especially since it’s been observed that once these birds recognize a face negatively, they communicate with others of their species and can even form mobs against that person. Then, all the birds remember who you are.. And with beaks like that, I would not want a group of crows holding a grudge over me. No wonder it’s called a murder. But there’s even more brilliance behind their twisted madness, and I mean they understand physical principles. That’s right, they’re like humans; Learning and understanding stuff we’d never need in real life! One of the best known experiments was when they tested the concept of ‘support.’ There was an imagine to be viewed of an egg, sometimes touching a table (even defying gravity) and sometimes not. When things didn’t seem right, especially when defying gravity or levitating, crows would gaze at the image longer. It shows a startling breakthrough and evidence that crows may even be more cognitive than chimpanzees, but we’ll still see about that.. Just remember, never get on a crow’s bad side. They’ll win. 
Photo credit: xcom