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Thank you Discovery Channel for wrongly educating the public to believe megalodon exists when there’s no conclusive evidence.

How can you tell them that and NOT tell them how badly sharks need to be conserved? Or that if we continue fishing them at this rate- they could be EXTINCT within the next 75 years. Do you not understand what a crucial role you as a station could play in saving the species that has made you millions? Does it not bother you that you continue to ruin their reputation and cause an unnecessary fear in society that shark conservations strive so hard to end?

It bothers me that they don’t care. They’re just greedy… Exploiting a species in a way that could lead to their demise… Which is the last thing an ‘educational’ channel should do.

Commonly confused with the shortfin mako, the porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus) are fast sharks, with an ability to thermoregulate through their rete mirable. This means that they can retain their speed through heat, even in some of the coldest waters! It’s understandable, since they’re found in some pretty chilly places like Newfoundland. 
The fast swimmers take advantage of their speed and consume pelagic schooling fish, other sharks, squid, and even ground fish! But whenever you go after fish like that, there are consequences.. Fishermen often catch these unlucky sharks as bycatch. Not just bycatch, but the second most common bycatch in Norway! They’re also fished commercially for their meat, fins, oil and fishmeal.. Oh, and recreationally on occasion, as if there wasn’t enough trouble for them. 
Thankfully they’re a hardy species; Leaving them only vulnerable according to the IUCN.. Although three subspecies are considered endangered, two of which are critical.
It’s like Christmas. Happy shark week.
Just how dangerous is the world’s ‘most dangerous’ shark? The bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) has been unlucky enough to win this title for a couple different reasons. For one, they are able to attack in waist deep water. They’re also a double threat, lurking in salt and fresh water.. And with the highest testosterone levels in any animal, you can bet they have those grumpy days! 
So it must be safe to assume these sharks are fearsome killers! Haha, wrong.
From 1580-2011 there have only been 139 attacks on humans, 74 being fatal.. In 431 years, ONLY 74 fatal attacks on humans have been recorded from the supposedly MOST dangerous shark in our oceans?
Meanwhile the ILSF claims 1.2 million people die from drowning each year! Documented injuries from lightning are at approximately 300 each year.. Compared to 139 documented attacks from the so called ‘most dangerous’ shark in over 400 years.
Now let’s choose something cute and harmless looking to just top this statistical train wreck. The deer is often considered a harmless beauty, but they’re actually the most deadly animal in the United States, with an average of 130 people loosing their lives to accidents involving them. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? That a predator with over 400 million years of adaptation, thought to be thirsty for human blood by most of society, causes less damage than a multitude of things, including tiny mosquitoes which take over a million lives annually. 
So why does this matter? Well, a variety of places have been debating whether to cull their sharks or not, even though they’re highly in danger of going extinct. Right now, France is paying off fishermen to ‘take care’ of their nuisances due to a little spike in attacks.. Even though it’s to be expected, with the number of people in the waters having doubled over the years. So how can you make a change? Email them! Petition! Show your disgust! These animals have received such a bad reputation for doing what they were born to do; hunt! Don’t you think it’s unfair to take away their home for our selfish needs?
UPDATE: Feedback from conservationists and shark lovers alike has  caused Reunion Island to back down. 
This just absolutely made my day.

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