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If you don’t already know this, there are two different versions of the mantis shrimp appendage.  I’m a big fan of the smasher myself, but some people prefer to stab their food.  A Smarter Every Day “InfoGIF”. 
Here’s the SED video on smashers: 
If you’re in the mood for some hardcore science, here’s an article you might enjoy:,%202010.pdf

Crocodile = wolf in sheep’s clothing

"Dinets first observed the behavior in 2007 when he spotted crocodiles lying in shallow water along the edge of a pond in India with small sticks or twigs positioned across their snouts. The behavior potentially fooled nest-building birds wading in the water for sticks into thinking the sticks were floating on the water. The crocodiles remained still for hours and if a bird neared the stick, they would lunge"

'Marumo' balls washed up on a Sydney Beach. The balls are thought to be an extremely rare species of filamentous green algae. The living organisms are known in Japan as 'Marumo' and Cladophora ball or Lake ball in English, and are sometimes found in freshwater lakes in the Northern Hemisphere. ‘Aegagropilious’ describes the habit of free living algae (algae not attached to rocks) forming into balls. Floating algae balls are thought to be brought ashore by warmer weather and the rough wave conditions.

My orca illustration showing the orca hunting process of wave washing. This process requires multiple whales to swim close to one another, at high speeds, towards the ice floe. They then dive under the ice, creating a wave that either breaks up the ice or knocks the seal from the floe, making it easier to eat. 
This piece was done using photoshop. 
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I’ve always wanted to go do this: meditating with Tiger Cubs at Tiger Temple in Thailand .

Why? Literally of what benefit is this to anyone except the selfish desires of a tourist to have a cool story or photo? This is not beneficial to tigers. Tiger Temple is a cruel, despicable place that treats apex predators like commodities. That gives substandard care for a profit and does absolutely NOTHING for tigers as a whole. It’s not a sanctuary, it’s not a rescue, it’s a for profit tourist trap and it should not be on ANY reasonable person’s bucket list.

I just want to pet a tiger cub with my chances of getting mauled at a 0.  Plus if some people find peace by connecting with animals then let them, as long as the animals are properly cared for, not beaten or abused, or starved or treated unfairly or in any danger. plus what are tigers supposed to get? A check? I thought the tigers would get a new friend and snuggle partner. 

Did you even read what I wrote?  They aren’t treated well.  They are hit, they are kept in poor cages, they are chained to the ground, they are overbred, they are fed a terrible diet.  Tigers do not need friends or snuggle partners.  They need proper care and to be able to live under the most natural conditions possible in captivity.  They need to be respected at a distance, not interacting with people directly in a way that endangers them and us.  That’s what they are supposed to get.
These people are finding “peace” at the expense of animals.  So no, I won’t “let them” free of criticism.  
Also, in no universe can you pet a conscious tiger without the risk of getting mauled.  Js.

What happened to tumblr; place to look at cats, procrastinate, and respect peoples opinions and educate them in a respectful manner? And hey I’m sure there are other places where you can find tranquility with animals that aren’t harmed this one place can’t be the ONLY place in the world, also if a dog can raise a cow I can cuddle a tiger

No.  Don’t do the “what’s wrong with tumblr!” excuse, it’s dismissive and diverting.  Real people are on tumblr, with real opinions and educations on topics, it’s not this separate entity free of criticism.  Tiger Temple is a place of animal abuse.  And I will not respect the opinions of people that support animal abuse. Interacting directly with big cats and other lethal animals is unethical and irresponsible.  You want to interact with an animal one on one, choose one that can’t kill you or wont be punished for doing so, or choose an actual domestic animal.
Here are some sources on Tiger Temple
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And here are some sources on cub petting:
Big Cat Rescue details why cub petting is inhumane and leads to many cub mortalities.
Believe it or not, petting cubs can contribute to canned hunts.
Video by Big Cat Rescue talking about the cruelty of cub petting while showing legitimate cases of cruelty and a painful look at the lives they live.
Lions, Tigers, and Bears Sanctuary on cub petting
It isn’t anyone’s right to pet a tiger cub.  Certified zoological staff at reputable facilities can interact with tiger cubs if their health is at stake, and they always pull all contact when the cubs are old enough to take care of themselves, because that is the responsible thing to do.  That is the only time I’m okay with people touching big cat cubs outside of veterinary procedures.
Please understand that this is abuse, not a spiritual experience or connection, and I am trying to bring awareness to that.

bigcatawareness is amazing and intelligent. FOLLOW THEM!




Three forms of terrestrial mammal locomotion:

PLANTIGRADE: “sole walking”—animals walk by “planting” the full soles of their feet on the ground

DIGITIGRADE: “finger/toe walking”—animals walk with all or most of the length of their toes (“digits”), but not the full soles of their feet

UNGULIGRADE: “hoof walking”—animals walk on only their nails, usually hooves (as in “ungulates”)



The Gouldian finch are small, brightly colored birds with green backs, yellow bellies, and purple breasts  with a light blue uppertail and a cream undertail. Sometimes called lady gouldians, their facial color can vary, but black is the most common. Gouldian finch chicks are equipped with blue phosphorescent beads along their mouths, making it easy for the parents to feed them in the darkness of the nest cavity.
Photo credit: Greg Grall/National Aquarium